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Are you a beginner looking for a French language course but do not understand which course to choose? Although there are many institutes offering online French courses across the globe. Kochiva’s French Language Beginner’s Online Course enables learning from experienced and native trainers, right from the comfort of our home. Book a demo today to see the difference!

Learning a foreign language is a necessity in today’s global world. Whether you are a school kid, a college student, a professional, or even a retired professional, you are going to meet and interact with people from around the world someday. This global village encourages us to eliminate language barriers and that is why learning a foreign language becomes important.

With the help of technology, we can learn a foreign language at our own pace, at our own time. At Kochiva, learning French online is a successful experience for learners as they learn from a team of dedicated and experienced trainers and teachers. They can choose their preferred time as Kochiva provides language classes off-hours, on both weekdays and weekends.


But why Kochiva’s French Language Online Course? Let us find out!

In-house French course created by native trainers

Kochiva’s Online French Language Course is a highly nuanced course, taught through experiential learning methods to make learn French online very easy!


Ease of accessibility

All you require is a laptop/computer/tablet/smartphone and a wifi/broadband connection to connect yourself to the online French class. Even the interface of the self-study portal called LMS (Learning Management System) is user-friendly.

Provides all the study material

Kochiva’s Online French Language Course is a comprehensive course, where all the course books and workbooks are provided, DELF/DALF preparation is ensured, as well as you receive the credentials to the self-study LMS (Learning Management System) portal. The best part – continue to learn and improve your French from the safe space and comfort of your home.


Offline French classes at Gurgaon center

You can choose from private and group courses online as well as attend classes at the Gurgaon center.


Prepare for French language examinations

Special DELF, DALF, TEF, and TCF preparation courses online, and foundational French courses for kindergarten kids are available.


Personalized attention

The batches are relatively small, mostly between 5-10 students to help develop the best written and oral French communication skills.


Live tutorial & recorded French sessions

All of Kochiva’s French classes are live and recorded for rewatching. In case students miss any of the classes due to unforeseen circumstances, they can always watch the recordings and refer to the notes shared by the trainer.


LMS Self-study portal

French classes online are combined with a guided self-study portal called LMS to practice and improve all French language skills at your own pace, at your own time.


Classes like cultural exchange

Kochiva’s classes are no less than a cultural exchange between students, through active discussions and dialogue exchanges between classmates. Authentic documents, worksheets, and live assignments will be shared for an immersive experience.


Part of the experienced & reliable Kochartech group

Kochiva, the ed-tech startup of the 2 decades experienced company Kochartech, aims to change the face of language learning through experiential learning, with a special focus on speaking and communication skills to stand out in the international market. A class-like experience, yet a class-apart experience to learning French online.

Kochiva’s Personalized Online FREE French Demo for beginners & non-beginners

If you have prior knowledge of the French language, book a live and free demo with our French Trainer as per your schedule. It will enable us to guide you and put you in the right batch at the right French level, as defined by the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference). Book a demo TODAY.


Online French classes for all levels (as defined by CEFR)

The following are the French levels as defined by the Common European Framework Reference of the European Commission:

  • A1 – A2 – Elementary understanding & familiarization of French language
  • B1 – B2 – Independent learning enabled with conversational confidence
  • C1 – C2 – Native / Proficient speaker of the French language

We have 5 French levels running from A1 to C1 for a top-quality French learning process. C2 is available on request.

Private tuition for CBSE/ICSE/IB curriculum

If you are a school student looking for private French tuition, a study from experienced teachers ensures the right understanding of the curriculum as well as helps you get excellent scores. Both group tuition and one-on-one tuition are available. Enquire here.

Practice all language competencies

The online course is a structured French language course that allows you to practice the 4 CECR competencies (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) as well as grammar, interaction, and reading tasks on a variety of topics.

Whatsapp, email, call, and student support are available

We provide dedicated customer support to students. You may feel free to Whatsapp, email, or call anytime to raise any concern related to classes, trainers, or the course they are registered for.


Kochiva’s business solution

Kochiva also offers business solutions by becoming a language partner for the hospitality industry, schools, and colleges, as well as visa consultants and tourism offices, amongst others. Request a quote for your business here.

Online French Courses for all age groups

Whether you are aspiring to grow in your profession, or have personal aspirations and hobbies to pursue, choose Kochiva’s highly accredited French language courses.

Whether you are a student, an employee, a fresher who is looking to multiply their job opportunities and income, or a potential immigrant wishing to settle abroad, this course is just the kickstart of your French language learning journey. Familiarize yourself with the language, and its rules, as well as find an easy pronunciation guide in French in this course.

French language courses for beginners (both offline & online)

This course is designed with the aim to provide you with an elementary knowledge of the French language. Elementary knowledge refers to the basic understanding of any language, wherein we learn how to carry through everyday conversations effortlessly.

Also, to be able to understand questions and provide short answers, to be comfortable with several pronunciation rules.

C-level Trainers (& more perks)

Assisted by C-level experts, this beginners French language master course offers an in-house course in line with the CEFR standards, proper DELF preparation assistance, as well as an LMS self-learning portal for you to learn and communicate unceasingly.

Make the most of small batches, in a live and interactive setup by trainers who have experience in teaching French as a foreign language, hence ensuring personalized attention.

Placement assistance

Be assured of placement assistance after the French course’s completion.

Active enrollments

More than 2000+ individuals have already enrolled for this course and have seamlessly begun to enjoy the activity-based learning experience. What are you waiting for? Book a demo here.

The immersive experience of language learning

Learning a language is one of the most beautiful experiences ever. So, learn from the comfort of your place, at your comfort hour and make the most of the process.

Course completion certificate

Kochiva also provides certificates after completion of every level. This certificate can be used to apply for jobs in India. For international job applications, every student must give the DELF/DALF examination conducted by the French Embassy in India.

Want to enroll in the Certified French Language Course Online for beginners? Click on the link below and sign up for language learning that would prove to be one of the best investments of your life.

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