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The APS certificate Germany, also known as the Akademische Prüfstelle certificate, is a crucial document issued by the German Academic Exchange Service. It is specifically designed to evaluate the educational qualifications of international students, particularly Indian students, who plan to study in Germany.

This certificate is a prerequisite for your academic journey in Germany. It can be obtained from one of the five APS offices in Beijing, Delhi, Cairo, Moscow, and Santiago de Chile.     

An APS Certificate is issued by the Academic Evaluation Centre Germany (Deutsche Akademische Prüfstelle). It provides authenticity for the Indian academic documents. German universities consider the APS Certificate a necessary criterion for admission to Indian students.

Remember, the APS certificate is a prerequisite for applying for a long-term German student visa, as it verifies the authenticity of your Indian academic documents. Let us find out the requirements for the APS certificate in Germany, processing time, validity, criteria, and documents required.

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Steps to Obtain an APS Certificate Germany

The APS for Germany certification is accessible to people of every nationality. It is available to those who have pursued or obtained an educational qualification from any recognized Indian school board or university.

The APS certificate plays a crucial role in your application process, as it verifies the authenticity of your Indian academic documents and is a prerequisite for applying for a long-term German student visa.  


Documents Requirement for APS Certificate Germany:-

  • Official academic transcripts (original diploma or higher)   
  • Diplomas and certificates (original or certified copies)   
  • Your linked mobile phone number, along with a copy of your Aadhar card   
  • Copies of all your passports   
  • APS application   
  • Printed copy of the APS fee payment receipt   
  • Passport sized photo   
  • Proof of language proficiency (German or English)   

Applying for your APS certificate well in advance is crucial to avoid any potential risks. A press release states that applications needing more accurate information will be processed further. Therefore, it’s essential to be responsible and ensure all necessary documents get submitted on time. Therefore, it’s essential to be responsible and ensure all necessary documents get submitted on time.


1.) Application Process for APS Certificate

The APS certificate processing time for your application to study in Germany will take about 3-4 weeks to process and review your submitted documents by APS India. They will further inspect and confirm if all your documents are valid and only grant you the certificate.

APS will get to work on your application the moment they receive it. When you create an account on APS India, you will automatically get all the information regarding your APS application on the website.    

In order to process your APS application, follow the steps below:

  • First, register and create an account online. Then, download the form, complete it, and sign it.   
  • You must then transfer the amount of INR 18,000 to APS’s bank account.   
  • All the essentials and the APS form must be submitted at the APS India desk or through courier.    
  • You must ensure that all the essential requirements have been fulfilled, as then only APS will process your fully completed application.   
  • Once your application has been verified successfully, it will be updated on the candidate’s online profile.   
  • If accepted, you can only apply for a German visa through VFS.    


To explain the entire process again in a nutshell, you need to register on APS’s website and complete the form. You should then submit the form and the required documents to APS India’s desk or courier it.


2.) Validity and Criteria for APS Certificate

The APS certificate validity is not defined, which means there is no expiration date. Once you receive the certificate, it will remain valid for as long as you need it. There is also generally no need to renew or update it.    

However, remember that the APS certificate is only valid for an application specific to that university or a particular degree in Germany. If you wish to apply to a separate degree program, you may have to apply for a new APS certificate.    

As part of the APS eligibility criteria, APS may contact universities and colleges to check the validity of the student’s academic qualifications. The APS office may also contact your previous education to verify the validity of your educational qualifications.

This is to verify the authenticity and validity of your academic qualifications and confirm that you meet the admission requirements for the degree program you are applying for in Germany.    

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How to Get an APS Certificate Faster?

If you want to get an APS certificate faster, the APS can expedite the processing of your application if you have already received an admission offer from a university. Here are the steps you need to follow once you have received your admission notification:

1. Email Your University:

First, email your university and provide them with your APS application details. Making sure all necessary parties know your admission status is imperative.

2. Inform APS:

Next, email the APS office and let them know you have received an admission offer from the university. This notification helps APS prioritize your application for faster processing. 

3. Request Your Professor’s Help:

Ask one of your professors to email the APS as well. This additional support can help expedite the verification process of your documents. 

4. Provide a Responsive Contact:

Ensure you give a responsive contact number. APS must contact your professor to verify your documents; prompt communication can significantly speed up the process. 

5. Save the APS Contact Number:

Save the APS number as a contact on your phone. This makes it easier for you to reach out if you need to follow up on your application. 

Also, remember to send your signed and completed documents to APS India by courier. Make sure all your paperwork is done to avoid any delays. 

To apply for an APS certificate in Germany, you must transfer 18,000 INR to the APS bank account. Making this payment promptly is another crucial step in getting an APS certificate faster

Follow these steps to ensure a quicker and more efficient APS application process.

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APS Certificate Germany Fees

Getting your APS certificate does come with a cost. The processing fee is 18,000 INR, which Indian students need to transfer to the APS bank account. You can find the account details by following this link.

It’s important to note that once you’ve transferred the money, there are no refunds, no matter what the circumstances are. So, make sure you’re fully prepared before making the payment.


The APS Certificate is an essential document for international students. However, if you are an Indian student applying for short courses in Germany, you do not need it.   

The German Embassy and the German Academic Exchange Service jointly operate APS. When submitting your application, remember that the APS certificate fee in Germany is INR 18,000. Essential documents required are the Aadhar card, passport, exam scores, etc. The minimum processing time for the certificate is 3-4 weeks.    

Apply for an APS certificate in Germany now.

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