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25 Technologies which are going to shape the Next Decade

The growth of the world has been accelerating by multiple times with the aid of technology and science. The studies have gone so far that we have discovered microorganisms of the microorganisms. We have dived the deepest and flown the highest.

It is the time of digitization where the world is ruled over not by the people but the machines and their tech.

The past few decades have experienced the revolution through the hands of tech. Much has been seen, even more, is left. Here is a list of technologies that are going to shape the coming decade to the fullest!


1. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Gone are the days when machines were deemed to be the idiot boxes. Now they are smarter than the man. Tech today is learning and understanding things that a human brain might not even have imagined a few years ago. Might it be Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning, they both are going to be the driving force behind the great revolution of the coming times.


2. Nanotechnology and Material Science

Who won’t remember the new suit of Iron Man? Yes, it was all nanotechnology. Our understanding of material sciences has crossed the threshold of common science and has brought breakthroughs in our living.

Soon, we will be able to live a king-sized life on a nano-scale. Understanding of material has not just given rise to nanotechnology but many other exciting things like bendable displays, expandable metals, etc.


3. Internet of Things (IoT):

From our mobile phones to our shoes, now everything can be connected to the internet. In this era of smartness, gadgets have taken all the credits and it has been possible only because of the Internet of Things of IoT. That time is not far when each object we use in our daily life would be connected to the internet and we would be able to control our living just by the click of a button.

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4. 3D and 4D Printing along with Additive Manufacturing

Although it may seem a bit low-tech as compared to other technologies we are going to talk about, still, this would be one of the most prominently used technology in the coming times when it comes to personalization in smallest to the biggest bit of our living.


5. Wearable and augmented humans

What started with the fitness bands and stuff has now been revolutionized into various gadgets which are wearable and help track various activities of the human body.

If the same goes on for an extended time, the moment isn’t far when a human can merge himself with the technology to be called the augmented humans or transhumans.


6. Mass-Personalization and Micro-Moments

Mass personalization, as the name suggests would be the curative personalization of products on a mass scale where people of individual interests could be kept together and can be served on a larger scale with the highest level of personalization.

On the other hand, Micro-Moments could be defined as personalizing the product according to the demands of individual consumers on spot reducing the wait timings and other shenanigans.


7. Big Data and augmented analytics

Big data, as guessed by its name, can be defined as the creation of data on a massive scale in this world. This data although would be highly complex and difficult to understand, but all thanks to the augmented analytics, the codes would be able to be broken up into understandable components which can be easily leveraged for business situations.


8. Robotic process automation

Already in the practice, the processes which are in continuity are put into automation so that human efforts can be focused on the areas where human brains are required. In the coming future, automation would have a wider scale, larger understanding and easy optimization.


9. Intelligent spaces and smart places

Closely connected to IoT or the Internet of Things, places are becoming intelligent and smart. Examples can be seen through the synchronization of basic home/office functions with smart speakers where a simple voice command is enough to let the place know what to do and when to do it.


10. Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are insanely fast and will make our current supercomputers look like a scrap of the stone age. They would solve unimaginable problems in a matter of seconds and would accelerate the speed of understanding in our living.


11. Blockchains and distributed ledgers

While everything is going on the internet, security has become a major concern. But thankfully, blockchains and distributed ledgers would be here to guard our privacy to the best, particularly when it comes to trusted transactions.


12. Cybersecurity and resilience

In continuation of the previous point, cybersecurity would be at the top of its resilience to keep any kind of online attacks and threats far away from confidential and trusted information and actions.


13. Cloud and edge computing

The world has become a global village where the shareability of information has been eased up. One can store the information on the cloud through one computer and can access the same through another computer. With edge computing, the usage of smartphones in high-end tasks would be inevitable.


14. Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles

Already being in use, drones and unmanned vehicles have changed the face of military operations. But this won’t stay still here. But is planning to take up an important position in law enforcement, fire fighting, rescue missions and much more. Stay ready for your home deliveries through drones.


15. Digitally extended realities

Revolving around virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, stay ready to be immersed into a wider and better creation of the world with the human mind and machine aid.


16. Digital Platforms

Facebook, Uber, Amazon Shopping have now become household names. These are not just digital platforms, but the stages on which businesses can be promoted to have higher gains. In coming times, more such platforms will come up which would give companies and businesses a higher scope of audience.


17. Digital Twins

A digital twin would be an imitated copy of a person, object or any other thing. By creating a digital twin, various alterations would now be easy to make which previously were either fatal or very dangerous on real objects.


18. Machine co-creativity and augmented design

All thanks to Artificial Intelligence, machines can now do much more work artistically as well. Now you expect to see higher quality designs and creatives which shall come out not through human intelligence but artificial intelligence.


19. Natural Language Processing

This has already started showing up its magic by making the machines understand the language of human beings and making them understand how to interact with the real person.


20. Genomics and gene editing

Understanding the technology has also opened up our eyes by leaps and bounds on the realization of human life and its genomics. Now research is going on to alter the genes of human beings to make them better and raise their immunity. For example, the DNA of people is now under trial to be altered to stop the creation of cancer particles.


21. Voice interfaces and chatbots

Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Chatbots etc are not prominently being used to reduce human efforts in many areas. Day by day, they are being enhanced for their better productivity and finer aid in human lives.


22. 5G

Already, with the launch of the iPhone 12, the fifth-generation cellular network has begun its journey. Soon, the market would be flooded with such devices which would support the 5G and bring up better connectivity, faster data connection and swifter data sharing.


23. Computer Vision and Facial Recognition

Machines don’t just talk; they can see us as well. With artificial intelligence, facial recognition has now become possible. And the most used form of facial recognition in our everyday life is face lock in our mobile phones which scans the structure of our face, matches it with what information has been fed and check if the person is authenticated or not.


24. Autonomous vehicles

The 2020s is a decade in which all kinds of autonomous vehicles would be commercially available and viable for common use. Some of the initial models are already out and others have shared up their prototypes.


25. Robots and Cobots

Robots now are more intelligent than ever and have understood how to behave in a certain environment. The time isn’t far away when robots will work with human beings as colleagues. The robotic colleagues shall be called cobots.



Closing Comments

With the world updating itself, an individual too needs to update his/her knowledge to survive in the coming times and create a need for his work as well.

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