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Wondering if there are any top Spanish Language institute in Delhi? These days, learning a new language is very much on trend. People constantly want to learn about various new countries and languages. Indeed, it is a complex task to learn a new language but it definitely can enhance your career opportunities.

Spanish is amongst the most loved foreign languages in India. It is the national language of about 29 countries of the world. There are many options available for you to learn the French language these days.

In our country, there are many trained, well-experienced and certified institutes for Spanish. Every institute provides online and offline coaching these days.

A person willing as well as dedicated to learn the Spanish language makes the choice of institution wisely. If you want to learn the Spanish language in India, there are many options available.

Are you looking for a Spanish language institute in Delhi?

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Top 5 Spanish Language Institute in Delhi: –

1) Kochiva Linguistics
2) Mundo Latino
3) School Of Spanish
4) Langma School of Spanish
5) Swiss School of Language


1) Kochiva Linguistics

British School of Language

Kochiva linguistics is one of the best Spanish language institutes providing online classes for foreign languages. They provide Live interactive training for French, Spanish, and German. They also provide you with placement assistance. The language trainers are highly proficient as well as dedicated in their jobs. Kochiva debunks the myth that online classes are not helpful or useful. They provide free demo classes and lecture recordings. The trainers provide personal attention to the students. Their batch size does not exceed 10-12 students which ensures personal attention to everyone.

Enroll with them if you want to learn and excel in Spanish. Especially, with proficient tutors, you are bound to excel.

Their language program is as follows: 

First Module: Familiarization with the Spanish Language

Second Module: Communication

Third Module: Writing with Ease

Fourth Module: Vocabulary Wisdom

Fifth Module: Spanish Culture

E-Mail Address:

Website -:

Contact Number: 9872334466

Although there are a number of institutions present in this competitive market, Kochiva is the best option for your assistance. The online learning experience provided by them is exceptional. Besides providing a warm environment, they provide you with proficient training staff.


2) Mundo Latino

Mundo Latino institute in Delhi has an affiliation with INPEFA. The teaching methods used by Mundo Latino are very good. They emphasize improving the speaking skills of the students as it is very important for smooth communication. By collecting the finest research study materials they try to give the best learning experience. Besides self-study, enhancement in the skillset of the students is surely taken into account. Their batch size is 20-25 students.

These courses are offered by them:

ML1 Course, ML2 Course, ML3 Course, ML4 Course and ML5 Course.

Further, they emphasize on improving the communication skills, writing and reading of the students. Students are provided with a multilinguistic environment to improve their confidence.


3) School Of Spanish

School of Spanish is one of the most professional Spanish teaching institutes. In addition, they have highly trained, professional and skilled trainers. It is located in Mukherjee Nagar. They provide online training, offline training, translation classes and travel guides among other services. They also undertake an efficient approach towards language learning. Further, their communication building is taken into account. Their batch size is 10-15 students.

Their language program is as follows:

Beginner Level (Certificate Course A1 – A2)

Intermediate Level (Diploma Course B1 – B2)

Perfection Level (Advance C1 – C2)

This institution guides students in the right direction to study Spanish among providing other sources. Undertaking a professional approach in order to make a special mark in the market. Furthermore, the bilingual environment of study will increase the interest of the students in the study.


4) Langma School of Spanish

Langma School is one of the top institutes which offers great and interactive training to students eager to learn Spanish. They also provide materials, dictionaries, audio CDs, etc. for each level. At the end of every level, there is a test to evaluate the students. These tests are necessary for the evaluation of students’ progress. Their batch size is 20-25 students. 

The following language programs are designed as follows: –

1. Elementary Level: It covers A1 and A2 levels and the duration is hundred hours.

2. Intermediate Level: It covers B1 and B2 levels and the duration is one hundred and fifty hours. 

3. Advanced Level: The duration of this level is hundred hours. 

The duration hours are also different for each level. According to the requirement, the duration is decided so that efficient time is provided. Discipline and fun are equally given importance. As a result, the learning is made fun with different kinds of activities.


5) Swiss School of Language

Swiss School of Language in Delhi provides various benefits for learning the Spanish language. The levels they teach are very important from the language point of view. Swiss School of Language is a great platform for learning Spanish. Their batch size also is 10-15 students.

Courses offered by the school: –

Beginner Level Course: A1: This level includes basic grammar skills, writing sentences and understanding pronunciation. A2: Also the usage of expressions, general conversations and standard accents are taught.

Intermediate Level Course: B1: To be able to express yourself in meetings and write about abstract and concrete concepts. B2: In addition, it teaches how to use it in a professional way.

This school will guide as well as evaluate your growth.



Evidently, there are many institutions to choose from. It can be a very difficult choice to make. To make it easy for you, we recommend Kochiva Linguistics as the best option. This institution is efficient in every way possible.

The teaching staff is dedicated to your growth. The trainers are highly proficient and aim at enhancing the speaking, writing, reading and listening skills of the learners.

The study material provided to the students is relevant in every way. Undoubtedly, this is the best institution. Enroll today and begin your Spanish journey with Kochiva.

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