Future Proof Jobs

Future Proof Jobs, It is safe to say that in the upcoming decades the job market will not look as it does now. With the advance in technology many activities that are currently human-driven will become automated. But some professions cannot be automated and will be high in demand even in the future. Hence, it is important to acknowledge these professions to choose a career path that can be helpful in the future. 

What are Future Proof Jobs? 

As we imagine the future, we are sure that it will be technology-driven that will minimize human interference. Future proof jobs are jobs that will likely be in demand even in the highly technology-based future. It is important to know of these professions today to enter into a career field that will not be extinct in the future. 

Here is a list of 12 professions that are likely to be available for at least three decades. 

Which Stream has More Scope in Future-

1. Cyber Security Expert

 Cyber attacks are spreading widely in recent times. With most of the businesses shifting online, there has been a large increase in the number of victims of online fraud than ever. To protect themselves from these attacks the employers are on a high-level conducted search for the right professionals who can protect their company from online frauds. 

This search has led to increased demand for cybersecurity experts. These experts have to analyze systems of security risks and resolve the security issues effectively. While it is not an unknown fact that the future will shift highly to the cyber world, it confirms that in the coming time cyber security experts will remain in high demand. This is one of the best Future Proof Jobs in India.

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists are analytical experts who are responsible for managing and interpreting large sets of data. Now that most of the things are online, the demand for data scientists has increased largely to extract important information from large amounts of data and to store that information. 

The demand for data scientists is not decreasing anytime soon and will flourish for the decades to come. We, at Kochiva, are experts in data science and our course consists of various modules created by experts. You can easily start with data science and also receive mentorship support from subject experts. 

3. Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare is an ever-growing sector that requires human interaction which machines can never replace. One can not automate the job of healthcare professionals be it doctors, nurses, surgeons or others for the time being. It is indeed safe to say that healthcare professionals will remain high in demand for the many decades to come. 

4. Chefs

There are some things, one can never replace. We can never fully automate a chef’s role. They prepare delicious meals combining their creative intelligence and their complex knowledge of ingredients in such a way that machines can never imitate. Hence, a chef will always be in demand even after decades when technology will take over. 

5. UX Designers

A UX designer works on all aspects of a product’s development, from its design to marketing. They are responsible for the appearance of products on the website to the user. UX designers will continue to be the need of the companies to identify the need of the consumers so that they can supply user-friendly products. Hence, UX designer is a future-proof profession. 

6. Logistics Management services

Logistics is such a sector that will continue to expand with the expansion in technologies. The growing retail and food delivery services have influenced the demand for personnel who can understand and manage the complex delivery and logistic chains. 


With the growth of the global logistics sector, there has been an increase in demand for drivers to carry out deliveries and senior logistic professionals who are efficient in combining technology and logistic procedures to efficiently carry out the services. There is no doubt in the fact that delivery and logistics professionals are going to be in demand in the far future. 

7. Teachers

No machine can do a teacher’s job. Teachers are not only responsible for helping students with their education but also play an important role in shaping their future. Education has been shifted online and can be managed with e-classes and materials, but online learning can never take the place of a teacher. They use different techniques on different students to make sure they are getting the information that they are being taught. 

No matter how much the education system advances with technology in the coming decades, it cannot work without the involvement of teachers. 

8. Lawyers

A tech-driven and automated future does not assure that there will be no cases to fight for in courts. Even in the modernized future, there will be people who will commit crimes and people who will sue each other. Hence, there will always be a need for lawyers to fight for and against such people. 

The job sector is at most risk and with some research, it is clear that the safest future-proof jobs are the ones that involve human creativity, strategy-making, and decision-making to carry out their work. Never forget to keep learning new technologies and building new skills to be able to explore different career paths and secure a job in the future. 

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