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Are you looking for the best online French classes in Kolkata? Kolkata is the best place to do, as many high-quality French classes are available. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced learner to refine your skills, this comprehensive guide helps you to find the perfect French classes for you.

From choosing an online or in-person class to the right teacher, and to the best French class, this post will help you find that. With the right instruction, you’ll soon be speaking, listening, reading, and writing French with confidence.

350 million people speak French, which also states that French is spoken on 6 continents. French natives are passionate about their art and culture, so learners while learning gets full knowledge about their language and culture. Many modern English words also originate from French. So, it would be best if you began your French classes.

There are abundant opportunities for French speakers. In India, many fine institutes provide the Best French classes in Kolkata. This post will help you guys to select appropriate French Classes in Kolkata in an easy-peasy manner.

So, here is the list of institutes offering the best French classes in Kolkata.

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Top 10 French Classes in Kolkata 2024


1.) Kochiva Linguistics
2.) Alliance Francaise Du Bengale
3.) IITT language academy
4.) The Ramakrishna Mission Institute Of Culture
5.) Palium Skills French language course in Kolkata
6.) CDA center in Kolkata
7.) L & S language academy
8.) The British Institutes
9.) Henry Harvin
10.) InLingua

1.) Kochiva Linguistics


Kochiva is one of the Finest Institutes for Online French classes in Kolkata. The faculty has qualifications at C1/C2 level. Kochiva provides a French Language course in Kolkata that helps students prepare for exams like DELF, DALF, TCF, etc.

The main goal is to improve the vocabulary and grammar skills of the students. The small batch size helps students to learn in a better environment.

The course structure of French classes by Kochiva: The Beginner’s level comprises A1 & A2 which take 50 hours each. The Intermediate level with B1 & B2 takes 80 hours each. The Advance level of C1 & C2 needs 80 hours each.

Email Address:

Contact: +91 98723 34466

Website: French Language Course

Although in this world full of competition, there are many leading institutes. But, Kochiva is the best option for advancing language skills. The main highlight of this institute is the placement assistance they provide.

Kochiva also provides these Courses

Spanish Language Course

German Language Course

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2.) Alliance Francaise Du Bengale

Alliance Francaise Du Bengale is an acclaimed language institute in Kolkata. They take regular French classes in:

  • Grammar
  • Literature
  • Kid’s classes
  • Conversation

The duration of French language classes is 120 hours, along with workshops every week. There are distinct classes for intensive and extensive batches. The intensive batch takes place 4 times a week, while the extensive batch takes place 2 times a week.


3.) IITT Language Academy

IITT language Academy trains students through knowledgeable language experts.

Their French language course in Kolkata helps candidates read, write and speak French fluently. When you complete your French classes in Kolkata, you qualify to work in several posts. The trainers also prepare candidates through inclusive modules, question-answer sets, etc.


4.) The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture

The (RMIC) was one of the permanent memorials to Sri Ramakrishna. The main aim of RMIC is to promote cross-cultural understanding.

The school of languages offers certificate courses at a basic and advanced levels. These are in 19 languages of which 14 are foreign.

Audio-visuals, internet-based VLE methods, and modern art technology for teaching students.

Around 22000 students from the country complete their training with them. They offer a vast amount of resources and study materials for learners. So, this institute offers the best French classes in Kolkata.


5.) Palium Skills

French Classes in Kolkata by Palium Skills is very informative and educational. They offer both online and offline courses.

Their French course comprises three levels. Palium skills offer well-structured French classes that meet overseas standards as well.

The batch size is small which gives proper attention to students. The main advantage that they offer is in giving placement help to students. The French classes in Kolkata by Palium Skills take place on weekdays or weekends in the classroom or on online platforms. The classes also take place in many locations like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and NCR.

The French language training also takes place outside India in Singapore, Dhaka, Kuala Lumpur, Africa, and middle-east.


6.) CDA Center

CDA center provides training to six thousand students in 16 languages. This institute is one of the primary institutes for French classes in Kolkata. CDA center is in partnership with ALP consulting Limited. CDA also ties up with Alliance Francaise Du Bengale to provide a curriculum in a streamlined form.

The faculty is open round-the-clock. They ensure that students are getting proper guidance. The course design is as per the customers’ needs. The crash courses cover a duration of 6 to 8 weeks and standard classes take place from 8 to 12 weeks.

So, now you can select the course that suits your needs and interests.


7.) L&S Language Academy

The primary destination for French classes in Kolkata can be L&S Language Academy. Their team of French language experts provides comprehensive courses in Kolkata.

If you are in Kolkata, you can join this academy as it follows a well-defined course structure.

L&S academy also conducts group and one on one sessions. These sessions include group discussions, audio sessions, playing roles, etc.

The extensive French course has various batches through which you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Hence, they ensure that they provide the best training in Kolkata within your budget with great benefits.


8.) The British Institutes

The British Institute offers the Best French classes in Kolkata. They designed the French Language from Home course for online Learners. Working professionals, students, learners, and homemakers are looking forward to building their foundation in these languages.

Focus on transmission skills and speaking French fluently. You learn the alphabet, vowels, gender, etc. You get 12 online classes that are live. Finally, you will gain confidence by practicing patterns and sentences in French.

They also encourage learners to hold conversations more clearly.

Moreover, Classes take place 3 days a week for 4 weeks. You can take classes from the comfort of your home at any time. The main highlight is that you can take doubts anytime and anywhere.


9.) Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin provides services all across the globe and is also called an online university. This is the leading institute for French classes in Kolkata.

Henry Harvin allows you to become confident in speaking French fluently. If not satisfied then you get a money-back guarantee. They also offer gold membership benefits that offer weekly job opportunities.

Also, Education world ranks Henry Harvin’s French Language course #1. Their team offers round-the-clock support.

Hence, following this course, you get practical knowledge and confidence in speaking French.


10.) Inlingua

Inlingua delivers the Best French classes in Kolkata. Through, this French learning institute you can become confident and speak French fluently as a native French speaker.

They have small batch sizes that focus on meeting individual needs. All levels of CEFR relate to Inlingua levels. The certificate is acceptable all over the world for jobs and visas.

Their comprehensive curriculum completes through online French classes.

Hence, this course allows you to converse fluently like a native French speaker.



Essentially, French is a language of prudence and literature. I’m sure that you will find French classes that suit your needs. French is the official language of the EU and Switzerland. So, French can be challenging yet interesting to learn. French lessons are interesting since many famous artists came from France like Pablo Picasso and Fredric Chopin.

So, why waste your time when you can enroll in the Best French language course in Kolkata by Kochiva Linguistics. So, these reasons are enough for you to enroll at this prestigious institution that offers discounts on its annual packages. They care more about students’ progress.

So, the list we shared here is just the beginning of it all, so keep an eye out for new options as they crop up!

Thus, if you encounter any queries, feel free to contact Kochiva.

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