Why Become A Mentor?

As a mentor, you not only get 'Joy of Giving', but also reap innumerable benefits.

Enhance your leadership and management skills

Reinforce your knowledge on your domain

Better Interpersonal skills

Build your Dream

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Description of our Mentor Program

If you take pride in helping others grow, this is the place to be. Apply now and our team will connect with you on the next steps.

Our Clients

Responsibilities of a Mentor


Show Commitment & Facilitate mentees's growth.

● Provide Constructive Feedback ● Allows the mentee to take responsibility for their growth ● Commits to meeting with mentee on a regular basis


Be Unbiased and Focus on mentee's objective

● Maintain Confidentiality ● Reviews goals and objectives of the mentee at regular intervals ● Follows through on commitments made to mentee


Listen Empathetically

● Actively listens to mentee ● Respects mentee's limits ● Provides encouragement and assists the mentee in identifying professional development activities

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