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French Language Online Course

A Comprehensive Online French Language Course, taught by C-Level experts over live interactive classes.

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    What’s special about Kochiva’s Online French Language Course?

    Exclusive course offerings

    C Level Certified Trainers
    Highly impactful curriculum
    Live and Interactive Learning
    Prepare for certifications
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    Other Details

    French Language Course

    The online French Language Learning Course by Kochiva has been designed to help you understand the ins and outs of the language and help you monetize your French language skills to get better jobs, immigration prospects, admissions to better colleges and universities, and much more.

    In this French Language course, you shall learn the grammar concepts to enhance your prowess in the French Language. Post completion of the course, you will be able to speak, write, read and listen to the French Language while properly comprehending whatever is being communicated.

    Master the French Language with Kochiva and ace the international French Language Certifications including but not limited to DILF, DELF, DALF, etc.

    Levels in French Language Learning

    A1: The Beginners Level – This level takes care of Basic French Vocabulary, greetings and self-introduction in the French Language. It also includes basic grammar such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, plurals, adjectives, etc.

    A2: The Upper Beginners Level – This level takes you a step further while helping you express your decisions, making comparisons, explaining the chronology, basic tenses, relative pronouns, superlative sentences, adverbs, and much more.

    B1: The Intermediate Level – This level of French language deals with the skills like enhanced writing, reading and listening. All the learners in this level become capable to form structured sentences.

    B2: The Upper Intermediate Level – This level deals with complex french texts and other dialects of the French Language. A student of B2 level French Language can create long speeches in french and can easily explain complex thoughts in the French Language.

    C1: The Advanced Level – This level of French Language learning takes the learner to the deepest level of the French Language. It deals with the understanding of longer texts and their implicit meanings. It deals with reading between the lines and deriving morals which are otherwise not mentioned directly. A candidate will learn to express their thoughts fluently and spontaneously without giving the language much thought.

    C2: The Proficiency Level – This level of French Language shall take you to the native-like proficiency in writing, reading, listening and speaking. The learner should be able to summarize information from different spoken and written sources, construct arguments and give coherent presentations.

    Trainers at Kochiva

    • C – Level Certified French Language Trainers
    • Over 6 years of experience in Language Training
    • Trained in the online mode of interactive teaching pedagogy

    Learning Benefits

    • Initiate conversations in all forms of tenses
    • Give a detailed explanation of habitual actions and talk about memories
    • Express feelings, desires and wishes
    • Learn the basics of word building and sentence construction
    • Express your opinions in the French Language

    Career Benefits

    • Opened doors to the global job market in the French Language Arena.
    • Better job security and exceptional growth opportunities
    • Enhanced CV and better visibility of LinkedIn profile with technical and professional development
    • Jobs opportunities in MNCs like Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google
    • Get highly paid as the freelancers taking gigs on teaching, translations, transcription, etc.

    Kochiva is the best Learn French Online Institute that covers all age groups, including children, teenagers, and adults—students, working professionals, and retired professionals—who can enroll in this course.

    Beginners’ Level (A1)


    • Familiarisation with the Language
      • Salutations
      • Letters
      • Numbers
      • Simplified Pronunciations
    • Everyday conversations
      • Conversations at the restaurants
      • Conversations at the Airports
      • Conversations at the shopping malls
    • The Cultural Center
      • Festivals
      • Games
      • Places


    Upper Beginners’ Level (A2)


    • Reading with a special focus on pronunciations
      • Messages
      • Emails
      • Articles
      • Advertisements
      • Dialogues
      • Precepts
    • Communication
      • Actions
      • Opinions
      • Comparisons
      • Memories and Stories
    • Writing with Ease
      • Story
      • Message
      • Email
      • Letter
      • Opinions on Internet
      • Text Lingos
    • Native Culture
      • Ted Conferences
      • Stand Up Comedies
      • Movie Clips
      • Songs
      • Advertisements


    Intermediate Level (B1)


    • Advanced Reading
      • Articles
      • Extracts from Novels
      • Opinions
      • Anecdotes
      • Emails
      • Letters
    • Attentive Listening
      • Emotions
      • Dialects
      • Pronunciations
    • Enhancing written expressions
      • CV
      • Cover Letter
      • Short Articles
      • Comic  Strips
      • Anecdotes
    • Speaking Comfortably
      • Role Plays
      • Songs
      • Presentations
      • Debate


    Upper-Intermediate Level (B2)


    • Explore different genres of Reading Comprehensions
      • Topics and Vocabulary of importance
      • Web Articles
      • Websites
      • Essays
      • Newspaper Articles
      • Debates
      • Opinions
      • Anecdotes
      • Poems
      • Extracts


    • Cognitive Listening

    Imaging yourself as a spy of the conversation you are listening to – will help in active and cognitive listening of radio program tracks, videos, audiobooks, critiques, media reviews, songs and more.

    • Enhanced written Expressions

    At an advanced level, you will be made comfortable to write essays, devise problems, and present analysis/challenges, and conclusions with precisions, descriptions and comparisons.

    • Speaking comfortably

    Divide your presentation according to the question – argument, appreciation and critique, and refine the expose into 5 parts including an introduction and problem and a conclusion.


    Advanced Level (C1)


    • Complex Reading Comprehensions

    At this level, you will be in the first stage of the highly proficient [language] user’ category. You will then read books, novels, and travelogues and will be able to understand more complex texts. Global topics and literary texts will be taught through experiential learning (videos, activities, etc)

    • Proficient and Methodic Listening

    You will be able to understand fast conversations, podcasts, etc as well as have a clearer comprehension of various slang, idioms and implicit meaning. You will be able to decipher contracted words that are used in everyday language.

    • Enhanced written expressions

    At a proficient level, you will be able to write letters and have hands-on practice to use the language in a smooth manner. You will be given thorough knowledge about the literature, history, and culture of the language.

    • Speaking Fluently

    You will be able to express yourself fluently using colloquial expressions and well-structured detailed sentences in most situations: professional, social, academic and personal.


    Proficiency Level (C2)


    • A Perfectionist Reader

    At this level, you will be in the second stage of the highly proficient [language] user’ category. You will have a great command of the language. You will be instructed to practice reading novels, magazines and other cultural-specific texts which will further improve your reading and simultaneous comprehension.

    • Proficient Listening

    You will be able to easily understand every conversation, song lyrics, and stand-up comedies easily. Even overhearing will be accessible at this level.

    • Proficient Written Expressions

    At this level, you will be able to write the language with ease and will achieve perfection in all circumstances. Additionally, you will be using a wide range of complex tenses.

    • Speaking like a Native Speaker

    At this level, you will be able to summarize in a spontaneous and fluent way any accounts and information from diverse written texts and spoken conversations.

    Question – Will Kochiva’s certification help in immigration and visas?

    Answer – Kochiva’s Online French language Certification shall help you be confident with your preparations for international examinations like DELF and DALF which shall further help you in

        • Gaining CRS Points
        • Additional Points for PR in Canada
        • Getting ECA easily


    QuestionIs it mandatory to have prior knowledge of the French Language before going for B1-B2 level certification in the French Language?

    Answer – Yes, the students should have beginner-level knowledge of the French Language before applying for the B1-B2 level course of the French Language.


    Question – Is the French Language useful in India?

    Answer – French is the second most learned language in India after English. Not only does it help in gaining numerous employment opportunities, but also helps you apply to bigger universities for academic purposes.


    QuestionWhere can I get a job after learning the French Language?

    Answer – The knowledge of the French Language shall assist you in establishing your career in various fields. These include Travel and Tourism, BPO, Education, Healthcare, HORECA, Aviation, and much more.

    Have a look at what our learners have to say

    With the flexible classes, fast track course, and amazing trainers, I had great fun learning French with Kochiva. Thanks for such a great help.

    - Gurjinder Singh Bawa

    AM - Genpact

    I must appreciate the trainer for her wonderful teaching skills and the kind of patience she has.

    - Savvy

    Content Writer

    Those who say that learning a new language is difficult after a certain age, I can tell you that it’s possible with a good teacher and an urge to learn.

    - Sonu Rajput

    PGD Human Rights

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