International Job Options After Learning French Language Course
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What Are The International Jobs For French Speakers In India?

Finding a meaningful French language career can be difficult, but if you look in the correct

places, you’ll be able to discover one that allows you to speak French on a regular basis.

French, which used to be the world’s diplomatic language, is regarded as a highly expressive

language that is well suited to a variety of occupations. Although there are numerous careers

where your knowledge of French will help you advance, it is critical to select one that interests

you and will allow you to fully utilize your French language skills.


If you’re considering studying French, it’s usually useful to have a basic understanding of

the language’s origins and history. Kochiva has enlisted some fascinating French language facts

and International career options in India.


Following the Norman invasion of England in 1066, French was adopted as the language of nobility and government, resulting in the adoption of many French terminology and idioms into English. Throughout the years, French has had a significant influence on current English.

French is spoken by 80 million people who are native speakers. French is spoken in 29



It is the fourth-most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union. By 2050, the number of French speakers is predicted to exceed 700 million, with the majority of them living in Africa. French is also used as an official language in many international courts.


French is a simple language to learn for an English speaker, according to research and polls of

language learners and language schools. Whether French is your first language, you’re

bilingual, or you’ve studied the language, you have a variety of job options. Check Kochiva for

more required information and counseling.


Following Are The Jobs a French-speaking person can consider as international career options in India-



  • Project Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • Front End / SharePoint Developer
  • Desk Analyst
  • Client Service Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Delivery Manager
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Manager
  • Accounts Executive
  • Call Center Agent/ Customer Care French Speaker
  • French and Regional Language Interpreter
  • Sales Executive/ Executive Secretary
  • Law Officer


These language services are extremely specialized, and proficiency in more than two languages

is required. If you are qualified, however, giving French translation provides many doors to work

from home or anywhere. You can work as a translator for manuals, directions, poems, articles,

books, or manuscripts because you work with the written word.


Oral translation requires the expertise of an interpreter. Large corporations employ the majority

of interpreters. Language service providers might also be connected to them. In the tourism and

travel industry, you might be able to get freelance interpreting work.


It is preferable to have a degree in interpreting or translation, as well as certifications from

professional groups such as the American Translators Association (ATA) and membership in an

industry association, if you are interested in working as an interpreter or translator. Many

language service providers specialize in areas such as legal, medical, scientific, or financial



  • French Teacher
  • French Faculty


This is a terrific position for many of you if teaching is your profession and you are fluent in the

language. Because French is one of the most widely studied languages today, there is a

demand for qualified French teachers in both language schools and mainstream schools.

There are several teaching career options, as well as distinct professional needs.


The age group is one of the things you must decide. You can teach children in early infancy, kindergarten through sixth grade, or children in grades seven through twelve. Several schools and universities offer French language programs if you have the necessary qualifications. You

can also look at institutions that provide adult continuing education and language classes.

The most significant criterion for every teaching job is your teaching certificate. Find out how to

become certified to teach the age group you wish to teach, as it differs by country, province, and


The prerequisites for educating adults are the easiest to meet of all the age groups outlined

above. Some adult education centers do not require their language teachers to have

credentials, depending on where they are located, albeit the compensation will be lower. In most

circumstances, having the appropriate certifications to teach is monetarily advantageous.


  • French Translator


If you have a strong command of French spelling and grammar and enjoy reading, you might

want to consider working as a proofreader in the publishing sector. Employers include

publishing houses and publications. They’re looking for somebody who can edit and proofread

articles before they’re published. You can also check for translation issues, typos, and spelling

faults on French language web pages by editing/proofreading them.


If you wish to work in any of the occupations we’ve listed, be sure you have the necessary

qualifications in addition to being a fluent French speaker. A career as a French language

teacher may be both hard and gratifying, as well as a great way to keep your language skills up

to date.


  • Waiter/ Waitress
  • Cook/ Kitchen Hand
  • Traveler
  • Tourism
  • Other Hospitality service providers


If you enjoy traveling and can communicate in French or other languages, the travel business is

one of your job alternatives. Consider becoming a flight attendant or even a member of an

airline’s ground crew. You could look for work as a local tour guide for foreign tour groups

visiting museums and other tourist attractions in your area. Tour guides who speak French and

other languages are available from a variety of tour firms. French speakers are also needed in

the hotel industry. Ski resorts, campers, hotels, and restaurants are all places where you can work.


  • Foreign Department


You might have a fantastic French language career in diplomatic services if you have the

necessary qualifications. Foreign service staff positions are available in consulates and

embassies all around the world. Because the regulations differ from country to country, it’s

critical to check your country’s government website for details. Once you pass the exams, there

may be a waiting list, therefore this is not a job for someone who needs to work quickly.


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