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Picking a job is no easy feat. Contrary to popular beliefs, unfortunately, once you’re an adult it isn’t always about following your dreams and letting them take you wherever but that all becomes evident once you’re an adult huh? In this day and age of flourishing industries and booming economies, it is easy to feel left out or insignificant if you can’t match up to society’s- or rather your standards of what you should be earning. 


As an adult it becomes more and more painfully evident, just how hard it is to earn money in any amount at all, and if you get stuck in a cycle of picking the wrong jobs or professions just because you’re not entirely sure of what you want to do (which makes up the majority of us, if it’s any consolation), doing any job at all can make you miserable too. 


So really, how does one hopeful individual go about cracking the code to a satisfactory job? One that ticks ALL the boxes- good pay, peace of mind, and all?


Even though getting your educational qualifications in place is the first step, learning never ends just at the handing over of a diploma. It is always better and always advisable to keep trying out more means of attaining everything your degree did not teach you! Because think about it, in a pool full of candidates with the same basic qualifications of a specific degree, how will you stand out? 


This is where VOCATIONAL TRAINING HELPS A LOT. While it is completely understandable to be aware of the need to do more courses because they do take up a considerable amount of your time, believe me when I say the benefits largely outnumber any constraints and are worth your time!


For one, Vocational training of any kind is more than just all theory! This is why it’s so different from the curriculum a diploma might have offered you. It is very much more hands-on and specifically skill-oriented than the basic qualifications that we’re used to. The purpose of a school or college education after all is to instill in you the most basic amount of knowledge possible, but unlike those places of learning, vocational training of any kind targets those areas that require a certain amount of specialization, thus giving you an edge over other candidates when you apply for a job. 


A vocational course not only helps you in learning more about a certain target area but it provides you with long life skills and job readiness and confidence that is bound to set you apart on an expert level. Any vocational training for that matter stands out attractively on a resume too! A vocational training luckily isn’t with limits to a certain area either. Any field of interest possible is bound to have a multitude of vocational training that will groom you to be the best professional to walk into the room. Taking up a vocational course offers you the benefits of


-Skill enhancement

-Familiarity with your career of choice

-Increased chances of employability

-Superior credentials

-Smooth transitioning to a job environment

While vocational training offers you the best of training for any field required, it is highly possible to not know what you want to focus on as well. With the given abundance of such courses it can be confusing and frustrating to be unsure of what you want to focus on and if you’re one of those individuals, then the best place to start, keeping in mind a sustainable career and good pay would be taking up language courses! While on the surface, making up a language course seems rather a hobby than building on professional skills, trying and think big;


If you were to take up a language, your chances of going abroad and landing a job among the masses of jobs in the better part of the economy of that country would also increase, wouldn’t they?


  1. Vast Career Plans

Firstly, the edge that being a bilingual candidate would give you, would help you with looking into more career plans more than your degree! The ability to speak another language helps you understand other cultures better, which is a fantastic quality to have in the corporate world that grows global by the minute, and would allow you to apply to big companies dealing internationally who would pay you handsomely for your linguistic knowledge! 


The prospect of learning a new language would help you not only move you up a few rungs in your own country if you decide to move to another country, but any enterprise would also consider you a prized asset as your fluency in multiple languages would help them expand or affiliate business within your country too. 


You would become a very important contact to any field you walk into!


  1. More acceptance in any Job

Having fluency in a language on your resume inevitably gives you an irreplaceable status. Whatever job you get accepted to would require you more immediately than any of your colleagues due to the nature of your linguistic skills. 


It would present you as a global employee and a very skilled one at that! Learning a new language opens you up to different parts of culture- different perspectives, as your brain opens up to a new level of creativity.


  1. Sharpening of Cognitive Skills

Elaborating on the second point, speaking more than one language will of course sharpen cognitive abilities. Switching between languages is a great workout for the brain and it helps you not only sharpen your memory but offers you better communication skills, allowing you to double your professional network rather easily as your added confidence and communication skills are sure to garner awe and appreciation from other professionals.


Learning a new language will not only reap benefits and respect for you personally but also MASSIVELY professionally. Language skills of course aren’t just vocational skills but lifelong skills that garner appreciation worldwide. Now that we’ve cracked the code for you, are you ready to take on your journey to a successful and well-planned career?

Language skills of course aren’t just vocational skills but lifelong skills.
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