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List of BPO roles that pay more and how to get to those roles?

The BPO industry is nowhere near new to India. In fact, it’s been heaven for hopeful freshers and amateurs looking to gain corporate experience and reasonable to high wages for over decades now. 


However it is most times, a very damning aspect of the business; the MASSIVE wage gap, that discourages potential employees from expanding their imagination of working in a BPO, to reality. The BPO industry like every corporate business has a formula to success. 


Since the industry dabbles in the service sector a bit, it becomes all the harder to gain recognition or vertical succession. With that being said, it’s not completely impossible either. 


What if we tell you we’ve cracked the code? You might just want to give this piece a thorough read to become aware of all the opportunities you could grab without being stuck in a loop of tireless dedication to a position that doesn’t satisfy you. After all, smart work is just as important as hard work isn’t it?


1.      BPO Estimator (2.3 L- 5L per annum)

This is one job that sits prestigiously high on top of the managerial role hierarchy of jobs in a BPO company, almost right below the administrative circle of A BPO- which in itself holds the elites of a BPO company. 


The job of an estimator is though handsomely paying with a wage faring from 2.3L to an average of 5L per annum – the position is also , one demanding much brainpower as the duties of an estimator revolve around helping out the sales department come up with proposals, weighing in profit and losses in a potential project and coming up with plans to stabilize any economic shortcomings within the functioning of a business deal. 


The best part about bagging this lucrative job is that, unlike the positions that are higher up on the social ladder, it does not require you to spend 10 years or so just to get to the position. Even 2 years of experience might work in your favor as 10 or more would! 


The requirements for the job are also comparatively easier- given the nature of the job, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and general proficiency in mathematics and analytics is vital. Within this position, one can grow into the titles of the senior estimator and a better wage!


2.      Administrative Manager ( 5.6L- 12L per annum)

Also commonly known as ‘Operations Manager’ the role of an Administrative manager is- you guessed it, to ensure smooth functioning of all operations carried out within the BPO Centre and culminate the most productive performance from their BPO. 


This is truly one of the most comfortable jobs in the BPO sector, one that pays one of the highest wages and does not require you to do much manual labor as compared to the other positions in your company. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! 


The duties of an Administrative Manager include- orienting new recruits with the work they need to do, conducting annual evaluations on other personnel, and being a link of communication between the higher-ups and other employees in technical and logistic matters. 


Most importantly, while experience is preferred it’s not a mandatory requirement for the job! What you will need however is at least a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, accounting, or any other related field.

Oh, and of course exceptional communication and management skills for the work you would undertake with this position!


3.      Quality Auditors (2L- 5.2L per annum)

Now this one’s pretty fun I’d say. The role of an Auditor is to monitor calls- recorded or live, in order to determine and make sure whether the quality and skill that is expected out of a call agent are being met or not. The employees are then evaluated and given feedback, suggestions, and training in areas that need improvements. 


The reason why this job takes the trophy? The requirements include a bachelor’s in any field! Emphasis and preferences lie with good communication and cooperation and a good critique for soft skills. Familiarity with IT skills and required software is a brownie point honestly.


4.      BPO Business Analyst (2L-6L per annum)

This one’s full of all the corporate feel you’d need without feeling totally burnt out as you would as a call agent. The job of a Business Analyst revolves around bringing to life the whole operation a BPO carries out at once- by drafting all the measures to be taken and retaining an in-depth knowledge of products and the subsequent data needed to move forward with an operation. 


You’re basically the know-it-all of the company if you bag this position, with full knowledge of every operation being carried out within the company, with the leverage to make suggestions for improvements as well. 


Since you’ve probably already sensed the air of importance around this one- it does have very specific requirements.- Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Accounting, IT, Finance preferably but what you’d really need to amp up by preference on, is your ability to work in fast-paced and high pressured environments, cause this one really makes you earn every penny!


While taking time to locate and gain upon the required qualifications and applying to these cool positions directly, instead of making the mistake of starting from the bottom, hoping to climb the hierarchy (a very common mistake that people make simply due to not knowing better) is a code cracked indeed, what if I were to tell you there’s a teeny bit of useful information that I’m yet to give you that could make all this information twice as better? 


Since I’m feeling generous today, of course, my advice to you would be learning a foreign language will always go a long way. ESPECIALLY with the onset of a huge surge of foreign language-oriented BPOs popping up around the country, you could gain about 25 percent to 40 percent more wage than in an only English or Native language BPO. 


Also NOT TO MISS THE OBVIOUS HERE, with having learned a new language, you could also move to the country and work in BPOs there that would pay…I’d leave it up to your imagination to wonder just how much more. The world of BPO, though underestimated massively, holds a multitude of opportunities, all it requires as I said earlier, is a bit of smart work along with the will to work hard.



With having learned a new language, you could also move to the country and work in BPOs there that would pay HUGE.
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