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How to learn German without Text Books?



If you are visiting Germany or planning to shift there for study or job purposes, being able to read and understand every day makes things easier. This fundamental capability will open doors to new skills and opportunities. Well, if you think learning German is hard, No! It is ultimately a myth that there are many resources available over the internet that can make you master the language. The only thing that can make German easy is your time and your commitment.

If you dedicatedly want to learn German but you are just too lazy to read books or attend boring lectures, well, in this blog, we will see some tips and resources that can revolutionize your learning experience and will make you a German language expert. Internet is an excellent and vast place with an unmeasurable amount of content. If you have access to the internet, then you have access to the world. Many sources on the internet teach you German, but choosing the right one is most important; otherwise, you might lose your time and money. 

In this blog, we will see how you can learn German from an elementary level and some resources which can help you learn in an organized and well-structured form.


  1. Make a Goal

The first and fundamental step is to set a goal and make a paper plan to follow. This might sound too plain but believe me, not having an end goal is not suitable for the longer run. Setting yourself with a goal will keep you motivated in your marathon.

Following anything without a goal is like sailing without direction. It will be a joy for a moment but will eventually become boring. So if you want to learn or get ahead with any work, make a goal and prepare yourself with an action plan. 

If you find it challenging to make a proper action plan and where to start from, Kochiva is here to help you with it; for we keep track of your daily progress and help you learn accordingly. We have our primary mentors from the native countries who train you with quality teaching. 


  1. Start with the right mentor.

Not everyone around has time, motivation, or confidence to learn German. Those who seriously want to learn German either choose the wrong guide or spend too much money on learning ultimately leads to disappointments.

Having the right mentor can make you confident enough with vocabulary, and if you are going with the flow but are not sure enough, then you might be in the wrong hands. Do your research of choosing your mentor well before getting yourself into learning.


  1. Turn to learning German into a habit 

Making a habit to learn and repeating German words and phrases in your spare time will help you master the language faster. Start off with learning German alphabets. The German alphabets are a bit intensive and complex as compared to English alphabets, they comprise 30 alphabets instead of 26. So once you gain command over these alphabets, you will quickly learn. 

Getting started with the right mentor is the right way to get started. If you are not a book person, then surely juggling with books won’t help you. So stop searching for the right book to get started. Rather search for the right mentor who can guide you throughout the journey. 

Kochiva helps you to learn German through native speakers who won’t bore you rather makes your sessions interacting and full of learning.


  1. Learn new Vocabulary by connecting words with action.

Making new words with meaningful actions is the best way to memorize. Trick your brain into learning more and more words at once and associate them with your brain for long-term memory. Connecting words to make meaningful actions help the brain to remember them forever and it is the best way to summarize things.

Try watching German TV shows and movies of your favourite genre with subtitles, and this will help you picture German phrases in your brain when similar phrases come forth to you.


  1. Make your learning rewarding

Staying motivated while learning something or doing something is an important part of that journey. Motivation drives you to grab things faster and in an efficient manner. When the learning is done while staying at home, staying motivated is the key factor to get ahead in the task. 

Rewarding yourself helps you to keep motivated. Always treat yourself with German movies of your favourite genre, cook a German dish, surround yourself with interesting things related to German, and this will help you stay motivated throughout, which is essential.



The tips and tricks mentioned above can help you learn German quicker without juggling books or boring notes. Make your learning journey easy and joyful with Kochiva. Set your plans of action with Kochiva and master yourself with an astonishing language and open your path to global exposure.




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