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The Best Way to Learn German at Home

Foreign languages can provide a competitive edge in career choices to one who can communicate in a second language. Knowing a second language other than your native language has proven beneficial for career upskilling; this helps you with your career and opens a gate for your global subjection.


Some of the top foreign languages that can help you with both job upskilling and international subjection are:

  1. German,
  2. French,
  3. Spanish,
  4. Russian,
  5. Chinese,

and some more. 


German is one of the most spoken languages globally, which is spoken in Germany and a widely spoken native language in Europe. Equipping yourself with the German language opens various career tracks like

  • German language trainer,
  • Translator,
  • Interpreter,
  • Tourism Industry,
  • Aero flight sector, etc.

In the upcoming years, learning a foreign language will become necessary, just like programming languages. For the parents seeking their child to learn some second language, German is absolutely a good option for them.

There are many ways of learning German languages, even if you are a beginner and planning to learn German from the very basics. Here are the top 5 resources through which you can quickly learn:




A blog is a service provided by Google where people can write about anything that they feel like. It is free and open-source for all, through which anyone can read or write about anything.

Blogs could be informal or conversational style. It could be about Travel, Food, Education or any other possible thing. For one who has access to the internet, a blog is an excellent medium to learn.
Though there are numerous blogs available through which you can learn German from an elementary level and get mastered in the language.


Here are the top 5 blogs to which you can have free access:


  1. German Pod 
  2. Smarter German
  3. Slow German Jabbalab



YouTube is a platform where you can have access to anything in a video format. With the rise of digital media and the internet era, this platform has gained so much popularity. So many content creators got a chance to showcase their talent and creativity.

Like blogs, YouTube is also a platform where you can find various exciting stuff about Education, Places to visit and learn languages, Food recipes, and much more. If you are too lazy to read and want some real teaching experience, YouTube is undoubtedly the right place for you to switch. 

YouTube is a vast digital space where a lot of content is stored that anyone can access from anywhere, and that too free of cost. A lot and lot of German teaching channels are available on YouTube that teaches from very basic,

And here are the top 5 accessible YouTube sources through which you can master the German language:

  1. Lingoni German
  2. German for you
  3. Get Germanized
  4. German Pod 101
  5. Smarter German



As the people around are getting busier, Podcast has gained incredible popularity among the streaming platform. In today’s world, where everyone is busy with their works, they hardly have time to go for their hobby, so podcasts are the tool that can be helpful. A podcast is formatted audio content that can be listened to while driving, having food, or working out.

Again, the podcast can be about anything and everything that can be heard while doing any other task to make it convenient for the people. 

Out of numerous Podcasts, here are the top 5 screened Podcast that can excel you in the German language:

  1. A flavor of German
  2. Coffee break German
  3. Fest and Flauschig
  4. German Podcast
  5. German Pod 101



Websites are the privately-owned digital spaces where the owner posts content that the website is all about. In a more straightforward form, websites are a way of communicating between the writer and the reader. Earlier websites were the digital identity of any business.

Still, with the internet revolution, when everyone can access the internet, every enterprise has its own space over the internet. Again websites could be about anything, any topic which can be accessed by the needful sitting anywhere. Websites could ask for a paid subscription to let users avail their services or be free.

Here are the top 5 Websites which can help you get insight into the German language:

  1. Duo Lingo
  2. Babbel
  3. Deutsch Akademie
  4. Acti lingua
  5. Goethe Institut
  6. Kochiva


Language Institute

You can benefit from many available resources, but the best sources to learn any language are the language institutes. The German language is one of the widely spoken languages which is not just only spoken in Germany. Learning from other resources like blogs, videos or podcasts may create chaos as they are unorganized and available in many sections which might confuse the reader, so the paid sources which seek for charges are the best place to learn as they are well organized and structured into proper format. 

Here are some of the best places to learn the German language even if you are a beginner with just an idea of learning German. These sources will teach you from the fundamental level and will gradually train you as a professional German Language speaker.

Here are the top 5 handpicked paid resources to learn German:

  1. Kochiva Linguistics
  2. Goethe Institute
  3. DAAD German
  4. Hello talk


Knowing a second language not only adds weightage to your CV but also opens the door to foreign exposure and extended connections. The above mentioned were some of the resources to learn the German language for beginners, some are free sources while some seek a paid subscription to avail their services. What do you think is the best resource to learn German?


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