Unlock the world of French for your little ones with Kochiva's interactive French language learning programs

  • C Level Experts as Trainers and Mentors
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Gain access to movie evenings, cultural celebrations & roleplays
  • InClass Activities and Projects
  • OnDemand Extra Classes
  • Exciting Vocabulary Contests and Story Competitions
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    What is 6 + 9 ?

    About French for Kids Course at Kochiva


    •  Basic greetings and introductions
    •  Learning and using polite expressions
    •  Simple French phrases and vocabulary
    •  Exploring basic numbers and colors

    • Roleplaying everyday situations
    •  Expressing needs and preferences
    •  Common phrases for daily interactions
    •  Asking and answering simple questions

    • Vocabulary for cultural activities
    •  Describing events and traditions
    •  Invitations and refusals
    •  Singing French songs and reciting poems

    • Understanding basic grammar concepts
    •  Basic sentence formation
    •  Talking about hobbies and interests

    • Expanded vocabulary for daily activities
    •  Talking about likes and dislikes
    •  Advanced phrases for daily interactions
    •  Roleplaying real-life situations

    • Overview of French-speaking countries
    •  Cultural diversity within the French-speaking world
    •  Language variations and regional differences

    •  Understanding basic grammar concepts
    •  Talking about hobbies and interests
    • Exploring French culture through music, movies, and literature

    •  Advanced idiomatic expressions
    •  Writing letters and composing short texts
    •  Discussing customs and traditions

    • Participating in debates and discussions in French
    •  Exploring French culture through music, movies, and literature
    •  Playing interactive games and puzzles with French vocabulary

    • In-depth study of French festivals and customs
    •  Comparative analysis of cultural celebrations
    •  Discussions on the historical and social context of traditions

    Courses Details


    7PM- 8PM


    Gamified Online

    Batch Size

    7-12 Students


    French Trainer

    Meet your Trainer

    • 6+ Years of Experience in French Language Training
    • DELF C1 Certified
    • Experience in training in Online and Offline Pedagogy
    • Expertise in training students of all age groups