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Beginner - Intermediate

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Join Our special Python Summer Internship Training Program. The program enables you to learn Machine Learning in Python and Data Science in Python with 100% Practical and On-floor Skill-based training. With our special Python Online Class, you can acquire expertise in working on python based projects in the real world. It will make you acquainted with major aspects of Python programming. At the end of this course, you will be able to develop real-life interactive applications with Python.

Why go for Kochiva’s Online Python Training Program?

Every developer wishes to achieve practical web and development skills after learning any programming language. Python is one of the most popular high-level programming languages amongst such languages. We are a leading age institution that delivers the best core and advanced python training. We offer the best online python course for engineering, science, and computers students, graduates, and postgraduates. This is our special Online Python Summer Internship Training Program that allows students to learn practical skills. Our Online Python Course aims at providing excellent programming skills which are useful for automation. Students will get a chance to learn with Industry Experts. Students get to work on LIVE projects for a better understanding of the complexities of the Python language. We train students to shift from non-core to core IT jobs. In recent years, Python has become the second most popular programming language. Python is in high demand by top-notch IT companies. We have designed the content of our training modules as per the industry standards. Students can learn python online from the comfort of their home. They will also be provided regular doubt clearing sessions.

What will you learn?

  • Deep Learning Using Tensorflow
  •  Object Detection Model using Computer Vision
  • Making Chatbots using NLP in Python
  • Applied Machine Learning

Why is Kochiva the best for Online Python Training?

  •  The Online Python Training at Kochiva is 100% Practical-based and on-floor skill-based.
  •  Our Training Program aims at Non-core to Core Job Conversion & Placement.
  • We create Data Scientists and Data Analysts who can earn a handsome living for themselves.
  • We work under the powerful support and guidance of KocharTech, a company with 30 years of experience in the IT sector. 

What will you get in Online Python Training?

During Our Online Training Program for 6 weeks, the students will get

  •     5 Days Classes for Daily 4 Hours.
  •     Live Project and On-floor Skill-based Training for Experiential Learning.
  •     Online Theory Notes for a better understanding.
  •     Training Certificate which will help them during placements.
  •     Training from the Expert having 15+ years of experience.
  •     Regular Online Doubt Clearing Sessions by Our Mentors and IT Experts.
  •     The Training Experts who themselves are Developers and have been working in the Industry.

Who should go for Kochiva’s Online Python Training Program?

Anyone with basic knowledge of Python and other programming languages can go for this course. But, preferably this course is suitable for Engineering/ Sciences/ Computer Applications Graduates, Postgraduates or Final-year Students. This training program is a must for students who want to learn Machine Learning with Python.

6 Weeks Curricullum

Day 1

  • Concept of Data Structures.
  • Data objects in Python and debugging.

Day 2

  • List, tuple, and important their important methods.

Day 3

  • Dictionary and its important method.

Day 4

  • Sets and its important method.

Day 5

  • Looping, nested techniques technique in data structures.

Day 1

  • Flow control: if, if-else, for, while, range () function, continue, break.

Day 2

  •  Understanding classes in Python.

Day 3

  • Using classes for creating data objects as per convenience.

Day 4

  • Introduction to Numpy for Scientific Calculation

Day 5

  • Introduction to OpenCV and important libraries

Day 1

  • Image Processing using OpenCV, Object Detection with OpenCV

Day 2 – Day 5

  • Understanding and processing text data.
  • Automated Tagging. Semantic Search Algorithms.
  • Latent Diriclet Allocation or, Topic Modelling.
  • Text classification.
  • Introduction to NLG (Natural Language Understanding)
  • Writing speech-based functions for the machine to understand using Python.
  • Creating a sample trained a bot to take human input in English and follow the instructions.
  • Introduction to Named Entity Recognition (NER) using LSTM.


Day 1 – Day 5

  • Introduction to NLG (Natural Language Generation) for generating meaningful/desired text/sentences.
  • Understanding Language models.
  • N-grams.
  • Hidden Markov Models.
  • Introduction to Transfer Learning.
  • Using pre-trained model Transformer Library.
  •  (BERT)

  • Project – Making a chatbot

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