Uses of Python
May 18, 2021
Information Technology
By: Prabhjot

What are the Major Uses of Python in 2021?

Python is a highly updated high-level programming language. It supports cross-platform operating systems. This feature makes it apt for creating many applications with more ease. These applications are comparatively more interactive. To your knowledge, I’d love to tell you that our very own, the one and only YouTube uses Python to achieve its current functionalities. Today we are going to mention some of the major uses of Python that are of more importance in 2021.


1. Web Development

One of the most common uses of Python is to build web pages or web applications. Python is being used at a rapid rate for the same purpose. The credit goes to the Python frameworks. Python frameworks use a common-backend logic and several libraries that help to integrate different protocols.

These logics integrate HTTPS, FTP, etc. protocols. Also, these logics help in the processing of XML and E-Mail. A few popular frameworks are Pyramid and Django. These frameworks improve the security of the web application. They are also convenient in building a website from scratch.


2. Gaming Applications

The young generation is a die-hard fan of computer and mobile games. One can build interactive games using Python coding. PySoy is a Python library that supports game development in Python. PyGame provides functionality. Several Mobile Games are developed using Python such as Civilization-IV, etc.

Also, since Python uses the simple English language, therefore it is easy to code games in Python. Its adaptability to the Graphical User Interface makes it a perfect fit for creating amazing effects. These features will make a game more interesting and interactive.


3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We are residing in the Digital age of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These are the most popular things to learn. And definitely, they should be, as they can give one a very bright future ahead. And of course, the language to use for their programming is Python itself. It is all because of the rich libraries of Python like Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and many more.

One just needs to learn the algorithm and also select the most appropriate predefined functions of the library. It is very simple and interesting. You can also design your code for creating something out of the box. Whatever your creative idea is, it is far easier in Python.


4. Data Science and Data Visualization

You must have heard the popular phrase that Data is the new currency. If you know the correct way to utilize the data science method, you can earn great profits from it. Data Scientists are people who know how to take a risk with data to earn profit. Analysis of data and executing the correct operations is easy with Python.

Representation of data using varied data visualization techniques will also help you to represent it in a better way. Python libraries like Seaborn will work for this. Also, Customer Service Automation is the need of the hour that can be achieved through Python.


5. Computer-Aided Designing Applications

Computer-Aided Designing is yet another important use of Python. Graphical representation of the objects becomes very simple using the Python language. Fandango is a well-known CAD application that uses Python as a scripting language.

Python has several utilities in the CAD applications like UV unwrapping, texturing, water simulations, animating, rendering, and creating interactive 3D applications. Multiple functions can be performed using Python code.


6. Web Scraping Applications

Python helps to scrap a large amount of data from websites.  This is very much helpful in real-world processes like job listings, research, and much more. Python is such an elegant language that coding becomes love for you. Also, it’s easier to use.

Web scraping like all other uses of Python makes your work easier and more convenient. There are several open-source and Python library tools coded that are useful for web scraping. These are Scrapy, Selenium, Beautiful Soup, etc.


7. Business Applications

Business Applications covers multiple domains like ERP, CRM, PayRoll, and many more. They require applications that are easily readable so that any employee or worker can use them. Python fulfils the exact need because of its simple terminologies.

Tryton is the platform where one can develop business applications using Python. Since the domain of businesses is very vast therefore they can use programming languages other than Python. Uber’s tech stack is one of the best examples where Python is used.


8. Embedded Applications

Python is also an object-oriented programming language. It has many features similar to C and C++ languages. It means that Python can be used to create embedded applications using Embedded-C solutions. Python scripts can set configurations, and test all types of use cases. Python can also use embedded system data that can be stored for analysis. Python Programming can help you develop parameters for analyzing that data. Raspberry Pi is the most common embedded application that uses Python code.


9. Desktop Graphic User Interface

Python is also used to program desktop applications. The Tkinter library of Python has multiple functions that help to develop graphical user interfaces. You can create simple to complicated applications using simple Python code.


8. Audio and Video Applications

Python is a graphical programming language hence we can use it to develop multi-featured applications. These applications can generate audio and video also. Media applications such as TimPlayer are the amazing outputs of Python libraries. They provide more stability and higher performance.


Hence, I can sum up by saying that there are several uses of Python. There are so many things that one can do with the help of Python coding. So, what are you waiting for?

Get, set, and go and start using Python to create something magical!

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