Python for everyone
May 5, 2021
Information Technology
By: Prabhjot

What does one mean by “Python for Everybody”?

Python for Everybody is not just a phrase, but also there are a few books in the market with the same name. 

It is an introductory book to learn the basics of coding in Python 3. It majorly emphasizes practical usage. In this blog, we will elaborate on this phrase in terms of the utility of Python as a programming language. 

Python is a universal programming language. It means that everyone has something for them in Python. Once you learn Python, you’ll be able to work with massive data sets easily. You can use data scraping for extracting data from the web. 

Python has replaced Java as the most popular language in 2016. It has been added to the syllabus in schools, colleges and universities. Since then, it has never looked back. Python is growing and growing over time. 

You must have read programming and technology blogs now and then. We have noticed the rise of Python as the most demanding programming language. Many Business Intelligence and Data Analytics companies have admitted the excellence of the language.

The biggest question in our minds is why is “Python for everybody”? Why should programmers learn Python? There are several programming languages to learn. But, still, why only Python is considered to be learnt by everyone or anyone. 

Let’s discuss some of the essential features of Python, which make it the most popular programming language.

It’s Simplicity

Python is one of the simplest programming languages for beginners. Having similarities with the English language, Python is easy to learn. Also, it is powerful enough to build a web application. It is used to automate the boring stuff. 

Initially, the reason behind learning this language was scripting. Even for experienced programmers who already know Ruby or JavaScript, Python became a powerful weapon in their arsenal.

Python gives you the ability to automate trivial stuff. Its libraries are full of exciting and useful things. It has the power to code highly interactive mobile games. One can get infatuated with the skill acquired by learning this simple programming language. 

Eligibility to Learn

The best thing about learning Python is that any person can learn it with full comfort. For a beginner, learning Python makes sense because it’s simple. Even a person with a non-tech background can learn it easily.

Similarly, for an experienced programmer who wants to take Data Science and Machine learning as a career option, learning Python makes sense. It is because it’s full of powerful APIs and libraries available for AI, Data Science, and Machine learning.

Even the age and educational background too are not a hindrance in learning Python. Any person can learn Python even without a laptop or PC. But, a proper device with an operating system is necessary for practical learning. 

It’s Utility 

Being a versatile language, Python also has several job options for the folk. After taking ample knowledge of the language, one can start his or her career in top-notch companies in great roles. Here is the list of a few of the language’s specific characteristics, which make it a versatile programming language.  

1. Application of Python in Data Science

It is the biggest reason why programmers are learning Python. People are learning Python to make a career in Data Science. It is obviously because of the exciting work and high pay. Python offers a huge library of functions and frameworks like Pandas, PyBrain, PyMySQL, AI, DataScience, and Machine learning. This feature makes Python the most preferred programming languages of the time.

Another reason for choosing Python for Everybody is diversity. Python allows you to perform a lot more than R. You can create automation scripts, develop websites, and even create gaming applications. If you are interested in becoming a Data Scientist, you should check out Kochiva’s Online Python Training course. It’s one of the awesome resources. 

2. Application of Python in Machine Learning

It is another reason for choosing Python. Machine Learning has catered to the industry needs in the last couple of years, and it’s rapidly changing everything around us. Algorithms are getting sophisticated day by day. You can observe that Google’s Search Algorithms have changed too and become much better. There are Chatbots on nearly all the websites to resolve your queries. Python is the only major programming language that makes Machine Learning easier to learn. 

3. Application of Python in Web Development

Python offers many libraries and frameworks, like Django and Flask, which makes web development easy. Python has less time consuming work than PHP. Python also has its utility for web scrapping. Several popular websites, like Reddit, are built using Python. You can learn Web Development using Python in Kochiva’s 6 Months Online Python Training Course. 

4. Python Coding is comparatively Simpler

It would help if you were amazed by knowing that coding in Python is the simplest. Python uses simple English commands for coding, which anyone can easily understand. It is also the biggest reason why Python is for Everybody. It has the simplest syntax and rules.

Python is easily readable. Even the interpreters used for interpreting the codes of Python language are very easy to set up. You need to install it and use it. It is so easy to use that after adding to the PATH, you can run Python from anywhere on your machine.

5. Large Collection of Libraries and Frameworks

Python has a sheer number of open source libraries and frameworks, just like Java. It helps in faster application development with its separate libraries for different needs. 

  • Django and Flask for Web Development
  • NumPy and SciPy for Data Science
  • TensorFlow and Pandas for Machine Learning

There are even many more to know.

6. Python serves as a Multipurpose Language 

Python is not tied to just one thing. Python Programming enables you to do anything you want, whether its Data Science, Machine Learning, and Web Development. You can even use Python to write scripts which will help you automate your days to day tasks.


Hopefully, by reading the above text, you can easily understand why “Python is for everybody”. Also, Python developers are some of the highest-paid developers. So, if one learns the language, he or she can build a great career. So, don’t miss a chance to start learning it. 

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